Exquisite websites, tailored to your needs.

When searching for the right platform we wanted something that would put you in control. Easily managed, device optimised and built with SEO in mind allowing you to get on with your business.

Wordpress being an open source platform provides a sense of security. With over 75 million installations Wordpress is very much a web standard. Knowing you have “bought into” a system that will be around is a safe investment, that custom content management systems simply can't provide.
In an ever changing digital world there are many ways a website could be exploited. This is why we feel security is of the highest importance.

Choosing a content management system at the forefront of the internet ensures updates are regular, meaning you already have an advantage over other platforms. 1440 also invests deeply in ensuring we have the latest security measures & processes in place to protect your website.

Getting to
the heart of it.

At 1440 we believe in combining design & development. They should work together in crafting your experience instead of being separate. Keeping you at the heart of the project is also something we believe in as your engagement and commitment is vital to the continued success of your website. Our process begins with web discovery, an in-depth conversation that offers the opportunity for us to get to know each other and for us to fully understand your business goals.


A custom experience enhances the users interaction. Crafting a journey that is unique to your business will help achieve your goals. Unique styles will always work best, because no two business will have the same focus. At 1440 we only create custom designs, we believe that no brand can make a successful impact using generic WordPress templates.



As Wordpress continues to change and develop so do 1440’s skills. We stay up to date with the technical know how to develop the right solution for your customers.

With companies such as Facebook, Google & MTV using WordPress as a development solution, why wouldn’t it work for you?

Knowledge through experience

With WordPress being at the heart of everything we create we use our blog to discuss the topics we are knowledgeable about. Keep up to date with our articles on WordPress by sharing your email address.